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服務熱線: 0755-27641199
成功案例 Case
2021 - 10 - 13
2021 - 11 - 24
品名:單節射梢套筒代號:LHA005材質:FDAC內部硬度 : HRC38°±2°                HRC52°±2°表面硬度:HV1000°±100°        ...
2021 - 11 - 25
品名:方形梢代號:LHA009材質:SKH51內部硬度 : HRC58°-60°  表面硬度:HRC58°-60°
2021 - 12 - 21
品名:壓條代號:LHC030材質:1.2510硬度 :HRC52°±2°
案例名稱: dme
說明: A Tradition of Innovation ContinuesIn 1942, I.T. Quarnstrom founded Detroit Mold Engineering (today’s DME Company) to provide mold bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity. That was the beginning of the DME tradition of industry-leading innovation and standardization.Significant advances in mold tooling technology are the DME story. With seven decades of making moldmakers, molders and designers more efficient and more productive, we’ve become an essential resource to the industry.Quality Materials and ProcessesDME starts with only the finest material — as measured by industry-leading standards for quality assurance and supplier evaluation — to ensure high-quality, precision-finished components. And, DME manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified to provide consistent...
案例名稱: hasco
說明: 每個成功故事之初總會蘊含著基本理念。HASCO 的理念是:在模具制造領域為您提供最好的支持。為此研發了模具標準件,并使 HASCO 成為了現代模具制造領域的開拓者。HASCO 自 1924 年于 Lüdenscheid 成立以來,已經發展成模塊化標準件和配件的國際領先供應商。涵蓋了超過 100,000 種產品,為您在工具、模具制造及塑料加工行業提供定制的、簡單的和經濟的解決方案。我們為您提供各種各樣隨時可以安裝的系統配件,包括綜合應用和安裝支持。全球 35 個地方大約 700 名員工攜手與您一同為未來的標準件而努力工作。1924由 Hugo Hasenclever 于 Lüdenscheid 作為一家手工加工型企業正式創立1930開始生產沖壓和注塑模具1962由 Rolf Hasenclever 引入了標準件模塊化系統1968建立自己的銷售架構自 1973 年起全球擴張,全球范圍內擁有了超過 35 家分支機構2007Berndorf AG 作為大股東攜手首席執行官 Christoph Ehrlich 一同加盟公司。
案例名稱: strack
說明: STRACK NORMA GmbH & Co. KGThe company – for more than 90 yearsThe today’s company STRACK NORMA GmbH & Co. KG was founded by 2 persons who were acting as entrepreneurs shortly after the First World War.Ewald Geyer in Lüdenscheid and Friedrich Strack in Velbert near Wuppertal.The cautiousness and particularly the necessary technical knowledge and know-how of the two founders provided a basis for the initially individual but later common continual development of the company.In the 1920s Ewald Geyer founded the toolmaking company of the same name in Lüdenscheid.A few years later Friedrich Strack took over representations for die-sets of well-known machine tool factories like the company Zeiss-Ikon-Werke. Over the years Friedrich Strack began to produce standard parts for the ...
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